Saturday, October 14, 2017

How would you react on seeing misspelled words?

Misspelled words are a big NO for most of us, but for writers and readers, it can be a terrible experience. 

Even a single letter here or there can miscommunicate or script out a meaningless sentence. 

By profession, I am a content writer with a private company, and I take extreme care with spellings while writing blogs, copy, or writing emails. And by passion, I am a poet, so, I can't afford to misspell a single word. 

I have come across many signboards or store names, which are blatantly misspelled. Like the one in the picture below. The picture is of an apartment building close to my home. 

Personally, I hate to see spelling mistakes. They make me angry. 

How can anyone take the liberty to spoil a language? Why can't they seek professional help or at least refer a dictionary? 

In this widespread virtual world, where 9 out 10 people are on their smartphone try to impress the world by inventing new words and slang words. But they forget they are spoiling their own image as well the language.

I would award "Hilarious Murderer of English" title to the one who wrote the apartment numbers in the picture.

Happy Writing!

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